From Lily Allen's jazzy version to All-American Rejects campy take, we grade other artists' renditions of the Britney Spears hit

January 09, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST

”Womanizer” Covers

Britney Spears’ eight-Red-Bulls-and-counting dance-floor robo-jam has recently proved to be remarkably fertile material for other artists. Among the best? See below.

Lily Allen
The British indie princess’ narcotic, Cockney-accented take (available, like the others listed here, on YouTube), accompanied by jazzy piano and bare-bones tambourine playing, is darkly delicious. B+

New Zealand singer-songwriter Phillipa Brown, a.k.a. Ladyhawke, imbues her version with throaty Kiwi angst, projecting raw romantic desperation over sawing violins and frantic guitar strums, and transforming the song into a sublime, convulsive dirge. A

All-American Rejects
The multiplatinum Oklahoma emo-poppers recently recorded the song for a Yahoo! Music studio session, incorporating an itty-bitty accordion, some beer-bottle percussion, and cheeky lyrical improvs from frontman Tyson Ritter like ”Look at you, gettin’ more than just a re-up/K-Fed, you/Yeah, you shouldn’t sign a prenup” — plus a nice little mid-song breakdown into the Turtles’ classic ”Happy Together.” Musically? A solid B, but the camp factor bumps it up to an A-.

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