January 09, 2009 at 08:21 PM EST

Ever steal a peek at your parents’ Netflix queue? How did that turn out for you? Here’s why I’m asking: I got my parents (retired, in their 60s, and braving another Happy Valley winter) a subscription for Christmas. Last night, my mother told me that my father had submitted his first requests: Deliverance and Sliver.

How is Sliver (pictured), starring Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin, No. 2 on anyone’s list, let alone my father’s? “I think he likes Sharon Stone,” my mother* said, as if the news she’d just delivered hadn’t been as scarring as the time she’d let my father cut out and mail me a Sylvester Stallone interview that he’d read in Playboy. (We share a love of all things Sly.) I spent the rest of the night thinking about it: Has my dad been dying to see Sliver since 1993? Did he catch the second half of the movie on cable one night, years ago, and always wonder how it began? Is it weird that I myself have searched (ill-fatedly) for Sliver on YouTube? Should I add it to my Netflix queue?

While I process how alike my father and I have become, share insights in to your parents’ Netflix queue (or rental history) — and what it means for you.

* Her first request: Sex and the City: The Movie.

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