By Jean Bentley
Updated January 09, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
Kid Rock: Lester Cohen/

I gotta say — despite the subway breakdown that forced me to work from home yesterday, the first complete work week of 2009 wasn’t half bad. Back to the grind we went, and back to the Fray we will Enter. This week we recapped some reality TV premieres, watched some terrifying commercials (and dance specials), and doled out some awards.

10. Mandi Bierly’s grateful The Unborn is opening this weekend so she won’t have to see the terrifying trailer every ten minutes anymore.

9. Annie Barrett wondered why Superstars of Dance exists at all, calling it ”an excellent second-rate substitute for anyone who missed the Olympics and needed a two-hour recap.”

8. The Biggest Loser: Couples started off with nine (nine!) surprise ”eliminations.”

7. I wonder how the pitch meeting for the Snuggie went: ”How about we make a blanket, but with SLEEVES!” ”But…why wouldn’t people just buy a sweatshirt? Or a cape?” ”Shhhhh. Don’t worry about it.”

6. Chris Harrison, the latest reality show host-turned-PopWatch blogger, recapped episode 1 of The Bachelor.

5. You weighed in on yet another year-end list, only this time it was New York magazine’s worst movies of 2008.

4. You can finally download songs by The Beatles… if by ”can” you mean ”can’t.” Mike Bruno urges Apple Corp. to enter the 21st century and get online already.

3. Mandi’s holding on to a couple of DVR’ed episodes of Bones and NCIS for a pick-me-up watch; what are you saving?

2. What R movie were you too young to watch? Mandi remembers seeing A Night in Heaven (pictured) and Bachelor Party at an inappropriate age.

1. The People have spoken, and they said ”Just show up and you can have a People’s Choice Award!” (Kid Rock pictured at the ceremony)

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