By Marc Bernardin
Updated January 07, 2009 at 06:30 PM EST

Ever bite into a Skittle when you were expecting an M&M? It’s not that what you get is bad, necessarily, but entirely not what you were looking for. That’s how I felt when I clicked on a link for the trailer to a new live-action G-Force movie. I expected a big-budget Bruckheimered version of this:

But what I got was this:

I’m sure that if you’re seven (about the age I was when I found Battle of the Planets on afterschool TV), super-powered guinea pigs fighting robots might tickle your fancy. (Though if it was the long-rumored film adaptation of Grant Morrison’s We3, it’d tickle me all over.) But for adult me, seeing that was like a bad hit of…something you get bad hits off of.

When was the last time you were the victim of the ol’ bait and switch?