By Michael Ausiello
Updated January 07, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
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Kevin and Scotty are about to encounter the biggest threat to their marriage since Prop 8: The return of Jason Lewis!

A Brothers & Sisters insider confirms to me exclusively that the Sex and the City vet has inked a deal to reprise his role as Kevin’s ex, closeted actor Chad, later this season.

Quick refresher on Kevin/Chad: Introduced in season 1, a then “straight” Chad met Kevin at the gym and the two started a secret affair. When a gossip site leaked incriminating pics of them shopping for lamps at Ikea, Chad decided to come out publicly, at which point he promptly lost interest in Kevin and the two broke up.

According to a B&S insider, the exes reconnect at a bar and one thing leads to another — although in this case, I’m pretty sure the “thing” it leads to is just some harmless flirting. But I could be wrong.

As of now, Lewis is on board for one episode, which is slated to air in April.

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