By Kristen Baldwin
January 06, 2009 at 08:00 AM EST

Next to my wedding day and — well, that’s about it — the day The Bachelor premieres is always the happiest day of my life. And honestly, I think The Bachelor: Ready-Made Family, Just Add Wife is going to be the best season ever. Based on that two-hour premiere, it’s clear Jason has just the right blend of charm and low self-esteem, and that cast of 25 (now 15) “ladies” certainly rivals previous casts in the crazy department. No spoilers here, but Renee and her “vision boards” is my new favorite bachelorette ever, bumping out Allie (aka Ms. “My Eggs Are Rotting”) from Travis’ season. Be sure to check back soon for my full TV Watch, but I know you’re dying to talk Bachelor now. So what did you think? Is Jason dreamy or just delusional? Are you surprised by who got the boot? Post away! And if two hours was not enough Bachelor for you, check out our extremely high-quality companion to America’s Next Top Doll below — we call it The Doll Bachelor. Enjoy!

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