By Ken Tucker
Updated January 06, 2009 at 08:18 PM EST

So that Scottish slyboots Craig Ferguson waggled his fingers in front of the camera last night and revealed he’d gotten married over the holidays. He wed his girlfriend Megan Wallace Cunningham, an art dealer. (He suggested we start referring to the couple by their celebrity-contraction, “Cragan.”)

“I know I said I’d never get married again but apparently I can’t even abide by my own rules,” said the twice-before-hitched Ferguson. Noting that his finger “went into toxic shock” upon the reapplication of a wedding ring, America’s favorite brogue-babbler promised a lot of take-my-wife-please jokes from now on.

If the yuks are as amusingly impertinent as the ones he made Monday (what did Megan have that the other wives didn’t?, he asked rhetorically: “a penis!” he crowed, cracking up at his risque silliness), we’re in for some fine opening-monologue tales of newly-married life. Throughout the evening, he seemed genuinely exhilarated, slipping in references to his new life with a giddiness that transcended foolishness: this was the sight of one happy fellow. And as a talk-show host unafraid to share the details of his life–Ferguson has in the past spoken movingly of the deaths of his parents and of his U.S. citizenship–you couldn’t help but watch last night and feel as though he was making you part of the wedding reception.

Congratulations, Craig. Long may your fingers, and everything else, wave.