TV show trailers -- Jeff Jensen grades the previews for ''Dollhouse,'' ''Lost,'' ''Cupid,'' and ''Kings''

By Jeff Jensen
Updated January 02, 2009 at 05:00 AM EST
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TV show trailers

Long movie-trailer-like ads for new and returning shows have been popping up online. Do we buy the hype?

Dollhouse (FOX)
The meaty tease for Fox’s new show (with Eliza Dushku as a blank-slate operative) is dense with haunting images and great Joss Whedon humor. It suggests a sexy, wildly ambitious show — hope Dollhouse lives up to it. A

Lost (ABC)
Vague glimpses of season 5 are intercut with shots of the Fray performing their latest power ballad. Translation: The new year of Lost will either be gripping, romantic, and easily accessible…or as lame as the Fray. C+

Cupid (ABC)
Bobby Cannavale is hyperactively charming as the nutjob who thinks he’s the love god. Gone unmentioned: This is a reboot of Jeremy Piven’s short-lived 1998 dramedy. But the trailer establishes what to expect. Or avoid. Again. B

Kings (NBC)
Symbolic butterflies. Narration about interconnected destinies. Ian McShane (Deadwood) in grave poses. Is it a soapy Children of Men political allegory? This pretentious trailer doesn’t make you care enough to know. D


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