By Jean Bentley
January 02, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST

PopWatch’s final week of 2008 was filled with last-minute discoveries, revelations, and appreciation for the finer things in pop culture. We hope you rang in the New Year with a bang — and wore 2009 glasses while doing it, since it’s the last year with convenient 00s for eye holes.Let’s start ’09 off right by Entering the Fray:

10. You debated whether you’d still give the ’93 Best Picture Oscar to Schindler’s List.

9. Ryan Seacrest’s stubble and Solange’s yellow eye shadow made our list of the best and worst moments of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

8. You shared your Must List picks.

7. Lindsay Soll dutifully recapped the premiere of Hills spinoff The City.

6. Faced with no other explanation, Mike Bruno decided that aliens have taken over all the world’s 30 GB Zunes and that’s why none of them are working.

5. Jeff Jensen saw the first two episodes of Lost season 5. Don’t worry, we hate him for it, too.

4. Mandi Bierly finally watched NCIS, and she now understands what everyone’s talking about.

3. Bruno compiled the highlights of CNN’s New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper and Kathy “Potty Mouth” Griffin.

2. Robert Pattinson got a haircut while Mandi was on vacation, and she likes it better than his unruly vampire ‘do.

1. Bruno finally saw The Dark Knight, and he was a little underwhelmed.

addCredit(“Dark Knight: Stephen Vaughan; Lost: Mario Perez/ABC”)