Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Jennifer Aniston, James Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more

By EW Staff
Updated December 20, 2019 at 02:03 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

  • Friends Forever
  • Writer Josh Rottenberg did a fabulous job giving away just enough tidbits on Jennifer Aniston’s personal life to keep readers interested (”What’s Jennifer Aniston to Do?” #1025). But the real triumph is Jen herself. She is a shining example of how everyone should handle themselves during trying personal times. It’s no wonder everyone wants to be her BFF.
  • Sharon Vanderhoof
  • Elizabethtown, Ky.
  • Expert Opinion
  • I love December because that is when Stephen King ranks the best books of the year (The Pop of King, #1025). Every year I tear out the list and keep it until I have read them all — and Uncle Stevie has never steered me wrong. It’s great to know that one of my favorite, mass-produced popular writers isn’t a book snob and just loves good fiction.
  • Janice Wade
  • St. Peters, Mo.

Second Act
The Q&A with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet showed that their chemistry is just as fresh as it was 11 years ago when Titanic was huge (”The Unsinkable Kate & Leo,” #1026). They make movies that change the landscape of cinematic society and society at large. I plan on being the first in line when Revolutionary Road opens.
Brian Ray Tooley
Hemet, Calif.

  • Must-See TV?
  • This deal is a terrible move for both Jay Leno and NBC (News & Notes, #1026). It simply shows that the network suits know they’re in a ratings slump and are not interested in investing the necessary funds to correct it.
  • Kevin McElligott
  • Neenah, Wis.

Gimme Moore
Why do so many people who have a favorite Bond actor feel they must put down the others? Why couldn’t Chris Nashawaty declare Roger Moore as his favorite while still acknowledging the positives of other portrayals (”And the Bond Plays On,” #1025)? And Moonraker as Moore’s worst Bond film? Did Mr. Nashawaty see A View to a Kill? Maybe he needs to watch it again.
Glenn Eveland Jr.
Willoughby, Ohio

Senior writer Chris Nashawaty responds: You may be right, Glenn. Maybe I was a bit too hard on Timothy Dalton’s and Pierce Brosnan’s turns in the tux (although I’ll defend George Lazenby to the death). What can I say? When it comes to 007, passions can boil. You wouldn’t believe how many readers wrote in sticking up for Dalton. (Have they seen Licence to Kill?) Seriously, though, you make a good point: To champion one Bond doesn’t mean you have to slam the others. Message received. But if you honestly think A View to a Kill is worse than Moonraker, you’re nuts!

A Final Tribute
I am disappointed in EW’s decision to relegate the late Forrest Ackerman’s legacy to four words: ”coined the term sci-fi” (News & Notes, #1026). He was a voice in the darkness, providing a community for horror, sci-fi, and fantasy fans often ridiculed by the ”normal” kids. Good night, sweet prince, and may flights of Ray Harryhausen-animated monsters sing thee to thy rest.
Aaron Christensen

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