By Ken Tucker
Updated December 31, 2008 at 10:44 PM EST
Credit: G4

No Dick Clark, Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest, Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin, or Miley Cyrus for me tonight on New Year’s Eve. I’m skipping all those tedious, ultimately depressing leading-up-to-midnight shows and spending time with more fun, imaginative people. On the G4 network this evening, there’s a rerun of Monday’s Attack of the Show! featuring, its website says, “the most unforgettable Olivia Munn moments.” Munn, if you don’t know, co-hosts the video/gaming/tech round-up show with Kevin Pereira. Hired initially, perhaps, to give the fan-boy viewership someone to drool over, Munn long ago established herself as the Lucille Ball of the iPhone generation, a wacky comic performer happy to do everything from dressing up in a Wonder Woman or Princess Leia costume to dancing with a dead salmon, and more than a good sport about the jokes the producers come up with about her chest.

As clip-shows go, this one’s aces, and there’s also a new edition of Attack! tonight, in which Olivia and Kevin train to compete on Ninja Warrior. I’m betting that’ll be way better than watching the Fox network’s New Year’s Eve show hosted by Spike Feresten and Hole In The Wall host Mark Thompson (really? Spike Feresten and Mark Thompson?? why doesn’t Fox just air a couple of hours of footage of someone getting his spleen removed?).

And before and after Munn-time, you can also revel in the Sci Fi network’s annual Twilight Zone marathon, which is going on right now and will continue through New Year’s day. Tonight there are classics including “To Serve Man,” the 1962 episode about an alien invasion which follows, says rumbly-voiced host Rod Serling, “the cycle of going from dust to dessert.” I won’t spoil the ending. Happy new year.