By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 30, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

I’m a fan of The Notebook. Ryan Gosling’s and Rachel McAdams’ love scene is one of the best, and what James Garner’s and Gena Rowlands’ love does in the end never fails to make me sob. So when I got a press release announcing that a “Limited Edition Giftset” will hit DVD on Jan. 20, I read it. It claims that this is the “perfect gift for Valentine’s Day,” because it comes with collectibles that include: “a photo album and scrapbook with images from the movie plus space for your own photos; scrapbook accessories such as stickers and photo corners; a stationery set with letterhead and envelopes and collectible bookmarks.” I get that all those items tie in with the movie, but who are they marketing this set to? Tweens? What adult will want to share a scrapbook with Notebook movie stills? Or write a letter on Notebook stationery? You had me at “Alternate First Love Scene” and “Alternate Second Love Scene.” But those are already available on the existing, cheaper DVD, aren’t they?

I say return this “Limited Edition Giftset” to sender. You?

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