By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 30, 2008 at 09:33 PM EST

The key to keeping a New Year’s resolution, I’ve discovered, is careful wording. Last year, I vowed to “at least look to see” what’s on the Discovery Channel before I watched a movie on Lifetime, WE, Oxygen, or ABC Family. I did look. It’s not my fault that Discovery failed to program something as enticing as Lipstick Jungle‘s Robert Buckley playing a surfing instructor who seduces Heather Locklear in Hawaii.

This year, I vow to at least tape CMT’s Top 20 Countdown each week. It’s a good way for me to stay current living in a city, New York, that lacks a country radio station. And, should I choose to press play, I could be treated to moments like the Oscar-winning lead singer of Kevin Costner & Modern West telling host Lance Smith what sort of music videos he will, or rather won’t, be making.

What’s your New Year’s pop culture resolution? And if you posted yours last year, tell us if you kept it…