By Ken Tucker
Updated December 26, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Welcome to the very first edition of What Was The Worst Thing You Watched All Week?, a free-for-all I hope will become an every-Friday way for us to blow off steam.

The premise is pretty self-evident: What was the worst—the most boring or offensive or insulting-to-your-intelligence piece of TV you watched in the past seven days? You don’t have to have watched the entire thing—in fact, you get bonus points from me if you figured out the show you were watching stunk and tuned away after a few minutes.

To get things started here are the three worst things that passed in front of my eyeballs this week:

  1. Real Housewives of Orange County. Really, is there a more odious collection of people assembled in one TV show? This week’s edition, which involved three of the decadent sluts—’scuse me, real housewives—going off on a 4th of July getaway, featured more sloppy drunkenness, more shrieking complaints, more grotesque exhibitionism (you’d think such pampered creeps would be able to afford better breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery than this, wouldn’t you?) than usual. I shut it off about half-way through, unable to watch it all, even to write this entry. I’ve seen enough in seasons past. Phooey.
  2. Momma’s Boys. Producer Ryan Seacrest’s mercifully low-rated new show continued to parade the moms who insult the female airheads who compete for the attention of the male airheads they call their sons. Ick.
  3. Deal Or No Deal, the Christmas edition. It wouldn’t be Christmas without Howie Mandel, would it? Well, yes it would: a better Christmas. A two-hour edition of the dumb-dumb guessing game, with its painfully rehearsed contestants. I’m glad the honeymooning couple with the young man who was awarded the Silver Star for his actions in Iraq won over $200,000. I also felt manipulated by the producers every step of the way.

How about you? What’s the worst thing you saw on TV all week?