December 26, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

It’s become an annual holiday tradition for my husband and I to “torture” his Aunt Salome with a truly hideous gift. There was the drug-store “snow angel” that played a demonic version of “Let It Snow.” And the cute plastic reindeer that pooped brown jellybeans at the touch of a lever. (It’s as gross as it sounds, I’m not proud to say.) A popular favorite with the family was a two-foot tall Santa that gyrated with abandon to a blaring rendition of “The Twist.” Thankfully for Salome, she now has a way to make a little cash while disposing of these holiday “delights.” Bad Gift Emporium allows you to upload pictures of the very worst items under your tree; visitors to the site can then view galleries of these items, rate their awfulness level, and email owners to inquire about a purchase. Which has me thinking: I wonder how much that deeply distubing sculpture of naked Santa and Mrs. Claus taking a bubble bath will set me back? Whatever the price, Salome, you’re totally worth it!

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