I’m gonna make this short and sweet, ’cause I think it’s the way Frank Cross would want it: While the rest of the world is weeping along with musty old roasted chestnuts like It’s a Wonderful Life and Hey Look It’s Santa Charlie Brown You Dumbass (or whatever it’s called), there is but one Christmas movie that melts my heart. That movie, PopWatchers, is Bill Murray’s immortal classic, Scrooged, a crotchety nugget of late ’80s Manhattan filled with taxicabs and homeless shelters and mysterious sidewalk steam, the magical insidery world of network television, Bobcat Goldthwait with a shotgun, Carol Kane with a toaster, mice with reindeer horns potentially stapled to their heads, the Solid Gold dancers showing just a teensy bit of nipple, and one final singalong of “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” which brings me to tears every single time. My mother can have her Rosemary Clooney and White Christmas, my cousins can have their Zooey Deschanel in Elf. I’ll take my favorite Williamsburg scenester in a holly-laced top hat crooning, “Feed me, Seymour,” to no one in particular. Both crude and sentimental, resonant and ludicrous, and featuring Murray at his most dashing pre-Lost In Translation peak, Scrooged is the perfect holiday movie for bitter, reluctant, closet Christmas lovers like me. Maybe it’s the “bitter, reluctant” part that keeps it off the Hallmark Channel. I dunno.

But what about you, PopWatchers? Is there a holiday movie you think belongs in the canon that maybe gets a little overlooked now and again? Share it in the comments… or just use them to quote your favorite line from Scrooged. Here, I’ll start: “Oooh, a Christmas party! I’m so glad I wore my pretty dress!”

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