By Ken Tucker
Updated December 24, 2008 at 07:48 PM EST

Two episodes of Bones are airing tonight—two reruns, this being a holiday week and all, but holiday time may allow you the time to tell me: Why do you love Bones so much? Scads and scads of you write to EW every week, asking for more Bones coverage. The show pulls in strong ratings and its cult seems to grow. I really like its stars, Emily Deschanel (she has one of the loveliest poker-faces in prime-time, and crack comic timing) and David Boreanaz (he was Angel—how could I not like him?)

But… every time I tune in to Bones, I find my mind wandering. Maybe it’s because I watch too many medical, crime, and procedural shows and my brain can’t commit to another one. I can see that the characters of Bones and Agent Booth have a really nice almost-romantic chemistry. Honestly, I want to like Bones, but I’ve never watched an episode that was completely satisfying—in which the plot and the supporting cast (they all seem kind of vaguely wisecracky but not distinctive enough) help lift Bones into the realm of first-class TV entertainment.
Let me be clear. I’m not knocking Bones; I’m asking for advice. Tell me, please, where I’ve gone wrong. Is there a particular season I should rent on DVD and watch straight through? Or: Are there specific episodes you’d recommend to a newbie? (Although I’ve watched about a half-dozen Boneses, I may as well be a newbie, for all the understanding I have of the cast’s chemistry and everyone’s back-story.)
In the spirit of Christmas Eve, could you help a TV critic who’d like to like a show more? Thanking you in advance….