By Abby West
Updated December 24, 2008 at 11:53 PM EST

I’m a big Brendan Fraser fan going way back to Encino Man, and I’m loyal. It doesn’t hurt that for the most part he’s stuck to things I can get behind, like dramas (Gods and Monsters) and action flicks (The Mummy trilogy). (Yes, let’s just pretend things like Dudley Do-right and Monkeybone don’t exist.) So after missing both his 2008 releases in the theater, I was stoked to have a little Brendan marathon and watched The Mummy: The Dragon Emperor and Journey to the Center of the Earth this past weekend. A couple of hours well spent, I have to say. But watching the third Mummy movie actually made me sad.

Fraser was still badass as ever, dropping his so-cheesy-they’re-awesome lines, and mugging for the camera. But the franchise seemed to be set up to roll into the hands of Rick O’Connell’s dashing and now-grown son Alex (Luke Ford, pictured, right, alongside Fraser). I get the need to reach out to younger audiences, but Holluwood can’t think that at 40, he’s too old to fill multiplex seats? I mean, isn’t Brendan Fraser enough of a draw to carry the franchise he created? I know he is for me, how about you?