Daniel Craig, Defiance
Credit: Karen Ballard

We’ve grown accustomed to stories of European Jews suffering horrible fates during World War II. But victim is the last word to describe the real-life heroes of Defiance. The three Bielski brothers (Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber, and Jamie Bell) fled into the woods of ? Belarus after the Nazis ? invaded in 1942, then recruited other Jews to join a sometimes violent campaign of resistance that arguably saved hundreds of lives. ”These brothers fought back,” says Craig, who plays the oldest brother, ”and they fought back very aggressively.” Just how aggressively? ”There was a story they decapitated a guy who ratted them out, and left his head in the center of the town,” says Schreiber.

While shooting the ?$32 million film last fall in Lithuania, the three stars formed a brotherly bond. ”The first day I walked into the hotel where we were staying, Daniel shouted my name and hugged me like I was this long-lost family member,” recalls Schreiber.
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