By Annie Barrett
Updated December 22, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: BBC America

There’s nothing I find more appealing about a streak of multiple vacation days than the glaringly obvious opportunity to watch an entire season or series of a TV show. Play it right, and yours could be an experience completely devoid of external nagging, internal remorse, and/or you lugging your ass off the couch. My top 5 prospects are listed below:

1. Skins, series 1 (iTunes mixed in with single-ep screeners I snatched from an unsuspecting Tim Stack) I happened to catch episode 9 (“Effy”) on TV a few weeks ago, and have since been holding out on what I’m convinced will be the most scandalous eight hours of my entire vacation, to be closely followed by the upcoming Great Barrett Family Caper entitled “Who ate the last blue sugar cookie shaped like an angel?” circa December 27.

2. Twin Peaks, Definitive Gold Box Edition (DVD) I still have the series’ eerily beautiful (and perfect for playing on repeat while writing a senior thesis) soundtrack on cassette tape, and know exactly where Princess Thursday’s “Fire Walk With Me” quote came from, and yet I’ve never sat for even one full episode. Into the woods with me!

3. Life, season 1 (DVD) It was just sitting there on our giveaway table. WTF?

4. Freaks & Geeks (DVD) It’s in my top 5 series ever, but my sister’s never seen it! I’m practically saving her life.

5. Chuck, episodes 3-present (season 1 on iTunes, season 2 is *free* on Hulu) As of right this second, Chuck is the currently airing series I most regret not keeping up on. If I’m not up to speed by January 4, I will fire MYSELF.

Tell us what TV marathons you have on your event-less horizon!