By Dan Snierson
Updated December 22, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

While the six-string wizardry of Eddie Van Halen has rocked my face over the years, I have been almost equally as impressed and obsessed with the vocal stylings of David Lee Roth. Specifically, his Scratchy Screams of Awesome from the early Van Halen albums. How the hell does Dave pull off those harmonic-demonic double-pitch shrieks? How is he able to sound like a cartoon character who either just received really good news or burned himself silly on a stove? Does he have a bonus larynx inside his larynx? Surely government scientists are busy working on these answers.

In the meantime, we can happily distract ourselves with the David Lee Roth “Runnin’ with the Devil” Soundboard. Earlier this year, the isolated vocal track from that classic Van Halen song hit the web, and several people used it to create mash-ups, including a Dave-meets-the-Beatles gem. Now the fun continues, as someone has sliced Roth’s squeal-happy performance from “RWTD” into little sound bites that can be clicked on and enjoyed. For hours and hours. Marvel at the many variations of hoots and hollers one at a time or all at once; they’re labeled phonetically for convenience/comic effect. (Personally, I’m a big fan of AHHHAAAAAYYYYEAAAAAAYAAAH.)

Does this site make you appreciate Diamond Dave in a new light? Which other songs would be fun to hear in this deconstructed format? And which VH tunes contain the best Rothian high jinks? (Devil horns to anyone who mentions “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” or “Outta Love Again.”)

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