We rate pop culture for 2008 including Sarah Palin, Katy Perry, and ''Twilight''

By EW Staff
December 19, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

· ”I can see Russia from my house!” — Sarah Palin
· Katy Perry brings bi-curiosity to the masses
· Twilight manages 2 get teen girls 2 stop txting and read a bk
· The book Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me. Chelsea
· Helen Mirren: sexy, 63, and talented. No fair!

· Most fun divorcé Pink
· Approval ratings for fictional Bush clan soar with Josh Brolin in W. and Curtis Sittenfeld’s book American Wife
· 30 Rock‘s MILF Island
· Brenda and Kelly return!
· How did we breathe with no Jordin Sparks?
· Sex and the City: Big Happy Ending overshadowed by fear of sequel
· James Bond, love the Jason Bourne makeover, but, please, crack a smile!
·”] Can we get Madonna‘s arms if we drink Kabbalah water?
· Least fun divorcé, Heather Mills

· Yay to us all for collectively ignoring James Frey!
· Congratulations! Your family doesn’t contain the craziest old broad in the world…unless you’re related to Cloris Leachman
· Retiring the term ”hot mess” and all of its descendents…
· …except when referring to NeNe from Real Housewives of Atlanta
· All comebacks that include the word ”Osmond
· The Spaghetti Cat deserves better gigs than The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet
· Heidi Montag
· No, Speed Racer! No!
· Grey’s Anatomy turns into ghost whisperer
· Bushy eyebrows, ridiculous boxing poses make for worst Top Models ever