By Marc Bernardin
Updated December 19, 2008 at 09:30 PM EST

There are days when I’m glad I’m not an old man. Most days, I guess. Not that I don’t relish the idea of living long enough to be considered an old man, I’m just not in any hurry. But with the news that Frank Miller (far left) — after sullying The Spirit — wants to turn his eye towards a Buck Rogers flick, I’m doubly glad. Because, much like The Spirit, I don’t have any real fond childhood memories of Buck Rogers — unless you count Erin Gray’s spandex-clad Wilma Deering (or Gil Gerard as Buck, pictured). Buck Rogers isn’t my Star Wars, it isn’t a formative pop-cultural landmark.

But for people who grew up reading the great newspaper comic strips, or listening to the radio show, or watching the serials…my condolences. Your childhood is about to have a piece of it Spirited away.

(Not that you couldn’t update Buck Rogers; comic book writer/novelist Warren Ellis is doing something sorta similar with his Ignition City.)

What do you think? Are there some things that should just be left well enough alone? Who would you rather see get Buck Rogers off the ground?