Seven Pounds, Rosario Dawson, ...
Credit: Melissa Moseley

Seven Pounds

In Seven Pounds, an unintentionally ludicrous drama of repentance as an extreme sport, a humorless, impenetrable Will Smith plays a guy ?who’s really rich, really apologetic about mistakes he’s made in the past, and really, by any sane moviegoer’s measure, kind of nuts. (He may or may not be an IRS agent; ?he definitely keeps a deadly jellyfish as a pet in his seedy motel room.) Poor Rosario Dawson looks lovely but lost as a beautiful woman with a real-not-metaphorical ?failing heart; Woody Harrelson looks ready for an SNL sketch as a gentle, blind telephone operator and pianist. Do not attempt ?these acts of atonement at home. D

Seven Pounds
  • Movie
  • 122 minutes