By Marc Vera
December 17, 2008 at 11:54 PM EST

Did you lose it while watching the Momma’s Boys premiere last night?  You did?  Phew, thank God I wasn’t the only one. I happened to be watching NBC when it started, and I could NOT change the channel. This show is like the TV version of crack. Three pretty boys (yes, I said boys, they aren’t men) + 32 eligible bachelorettes + the boy’s moms = train wreck. 

A quick rundown of the highlights that had me throwing things at the TV:
All of these boys still live with their mothers, who do their laundry and in some cases still buy their underwear.

JoJo Bojanowski’s mom wants to let you ladies know that if you are Black, Jewish, Muslim, Asian, come from a divorced home, or anything other than white, you can be friends with him, but cannot, I repeat, CANNOT date him. Oh, you also must be petite and cook and clean.

Kudos to Donna Coffee who had the best line of the night: “Bitch, are you crazy?!”  Actually, Donna, Mrs. B just might be.

Cara Quici really loves her heels and will cry and pout like a three-year-old when they break

Vita Alexander will rip you a new one. (You best step off Momma Bojanowski — you’re lucky Vita didn’t  smack you in the face, because I think it was warranted.)

The one bright spot of the evening was Megan Albetus. Her meek librarian style made my heart melt.  Too bad the boys are much too shallow to notice and will opt for boobs over brains. 

Anyone else see the premiere?  Are you hooked on this mess of a show?  What should the house do to Mrs. B? Is it just me or did two of the moms act like they wanted to sleep with their sons?

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