By Mike Bruno
Updated December 17, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Doing what she does best, the Hasselbot made headlines this week following a doozy of a View on Tuesday in which she took issue with not being invited to this year’s White House Christmas party. “Maybe I didn’t do enough for the Republican Party this year?” she asked. (Well, they did lose — badly — last month, so I guess that depends on your definition of “enough”?)

After the show, a member of the Bush Administration reportedly phoned Hasselbeck to apologize, claiming that her not being invited was a mere oversight. Apparently, even George “Bring ‘Em On” Bush knows hell hath no fury like a Hasselbot scorned.

Then, for part 2 of Tuesday’s headline-making turn, Hasselbeck later went head-to-head with Melissa Etheridge over California’s Prop 8 gay marriage issue (the clip after the jump — the ‘Bot was actually quite fair and reasonable in the exchange, but it is still mighty good TV).

Anyone catch The View yesterday? What other Hasselbeck moments have we missed in recent weeks? Please keep us in the loop. We luvs us some Hasselbeck.

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