By Michael Slezak
Updated August 04, 2020 at 10:53 AM EDT

If David Archuleta’s “A Little Too Not Over You” video was a sandwich, it’d be a turkey (the sparse-yet-chic apartment setting) on white (Archie’s bland gray shirt) with light mayo (all that forced cheeriness/wackiness of his “happier times” memories with his lost love), topped with a piece of iceberg lettuce (so much rain!) and a tomato slice (that fetching tangerine-colored lamp). I won’t lie: With its sweeping strings and chorus, the song’s not bad. But much like an un-spicy, decidedly utilitarian offering from your local deli counter, you kind of forget about it the minute it’s finished. In other words, legions of the Idol runner-up’s fans will be gorging on “Not Over You” for weeks and months to come, but I can’t really envision the rest of the world salivating over this track or its accompanying video clip. What think ye, PopWatchers? And not to get all Barbara Walters on you, but if this video was a sandwich, what kind do you think it would be?

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