By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 29, 2020 at 12:30 PM EDT

Question: All of these Lost promos are getting me super pumped for January! Any more news on casting or plot twists to get me even more excited? — Sam
How about a scoop that’s equal parts casting news and plot twisty? Per my Lost mole, we’re going to meet Jack’s grandfather for the first time in episode 7! He’ll be played by actor Raymond Barry, who’s probably best known for his role as Tom Cruise’s dad in Born on the Fourth of July.

Question: Does Bryan Fuller’s decision to rework Pushing Daisies‘ finale to have more closure mean that there is less of a chance that there will be a comic book continuation of the series? — Shawn
No. Although closure will come to nearly all of Daisies‘ main characters in the final episode, Bryan still plans to keep the franchise alive in comic book form.

Question: I was wondering if you have heard anything new about Mad Men. I am going through serious withdrawals. — Jo

Ausiello: There’s still no deal in place for Matthew Weiner to return

as show-runner, if that’s what you’re asking. But this may satisfy your

Mad cravings, even though it’s not specifically about the Emmy-winning

masterpiece: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Maggie Siff, a.k.a.

Don Draper’s season 1 mistress, has been tapped to play the daughter of

Harvey Keitel’s ornery lieutenant on Life on Mars.

Question: Please, please, please tell me there’s a chance T.R. Knight

is not leaving Grey’s Anatomy! Will they really let one of the original

five leave? — Virginia

Ausiello: Let’s ask Knight’s co-star, Eric Dane: “I have not heard

confirmation [that he’s leaving] yet. I don’t know anything about when

or how. If that happens, of course I would be bummed. He’s a great guy

to work with and a great character for the show, but he’s gotta do what

he feels is right.” For his part, Dane has no plans to flee Seattle

Grace before his contract expires — particularly now that Mark is

McSteaming up the sheets with Lexie. “It is a good place to work and

there are good people behind and in front of the cameras. I’m not going

anywhere. I just started getting some action again. Why would I leave?”

Question: There’s an official law in the NYPD that married couples are

forbidden from working together. Someone in the couple has to transfer

to another department/precinct. So, if Danny and Lindsay are getting

married on CSI: NY, how are they going to work together at all if

they’re breaking an official law? Does this mean one of them is going

to leave the lab for good? — K.C.

Ausiello: You may want to double-check your facts, KC. While it’s true

that such a rule existed at one time, it has since been dropped,

according to CSI: NY executive producer Pam Veasey. “Our former NYPD

Detective John Dove, based on his own experiences and confirming with

The Chief’s office, says there is no department law that two detectives

can’t work in the same department and be married. This was our belief

when we started this story.” Is it just me or did Ms. Veasey just

confirm that Danny and Lindsay will eventually tie the knot?

Question: So, who’s playing the role of Catherine Howard on The Tudors?

Surely, someone at the show responded to your plea for scoop in last

week’s Ask Ausiello. — Ted

Ausiello: They sure did, Ted. A well-placed (and, as promised, totally anonymous) Tudors spy e-mailed me to

say up-and-coming UK actress Tamzin Merchant scored the plum part, and

she’ll debut in season 3’s eighth episode. In other news, I would just like to take this opportunity to say key grip assistants are the unsung heroes of Hollywood.

Question: I thought your mailbag could benefit from a little more

variety given that half or your questions last week were solely devoted

to Grey’s Anatomy. So here’s a list of other shows that I think are

overdue for spoil goodies. Please pick the most anticipated one in your

opinion…or you can make my day and spoil them all: 90210, Fringe,

Greek, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Ugly Betty


Ausiello: What do I look like to you? Santa? You’re gonna take some

AmTeen prattle and only some AmTeen prattle, and you’re gonna be happy

about it. Deal? Okay, then. In an upcoming episode, titled “One Night

in Band Camp,” a cute young girl tries to go all American Pie on Ricky,

but, sufficeth to say, they don’t end up making beautiful music

together. Also, Molly Ringwald is getting a potential new love

interest, and it’s Cynthia Nixon’s onetime Sex and the City boy toy,

Skipper Ben Weber!

Question: When is Greek returning? I miss the angsty college students

of Cyrus-Rhodes University. Got any scoop to tide me over until class

is back in session? — Jon H.

Ausiello: Sure do. Shortly after the show returns in March, you’ll be

treated to an “outing” called “Isn’t It Bro-mantic?” in which Calvin’s

super hot, super charming new roommate reveals that he’s gay.

Question: Ugly Betty scoop you have been seriously lacking on? — Sarah

Ausiello: Yes, yes, Yoda, your point I get. So here’s a little preview

all gussied up as a guessing game. Since the show is currently casting

about for a journalism bigwig and a female bookworm — the latter could

recur — I’m thinking Betty makes a new friend at a journalism seminar.

Your turn. What do you think this means? (Seriously, I have no idea.)

Question: Last Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl was devastating! I

don’t know how I’ll wait until January. Please give me some good news

to hold me over! — Alyssa

Ausiello: Lily and Rufus’ love child is coming to town! Eventually!

According to one of my anonymous Gossip gurus, Eric, Serena, Jenny and

Dan’s long lost half sib is not expected to show up until April or May

at the earliest. Also, I’m told no final decision has been made about

the little bastard’s gender, but, c’mon, it’s got to be a girl. For the

catfight potential alone.

Question: Can you give us any hints on the Heroes return you teased in last week’s Ask Ausiello? — Sasha

Ausiello: Sure. The answer is contained somewhere within my exclusive Bryan Fuller Q&A. Happy hunting!

Question: So, as I was watching last week’s episode of Friday Night

Lights, I was once again reminded that the people who choose the Emmy

and Golden Globe nominations are dumb! Agreed? — Tara

Ausiello: Agreed. FNL is on fire this season, and it sucks that Globe voters failed to recognize that. In fact, in EW’s

annual best and worst issue (on sale Friday), Smash’s farewell episode

is singled out by yours truly as one of the best hours of television all season. It was a close call between that ep and the Jeffrey Reiner-directed

episode 8, which featured my favorite FNL scene of all time. It was the

one where Eric and Tami came to an agreement that buying that fancy new house would

be a terrible mistake. The subtle nuances that Connie Britton and Kyle

Chandler brought to what could have easily been a throwaway scene just

blew my mind. I’ve watched it, like, 11 times. And there’s a good

chance I’ll make it a perfect dozen today. It’s that good. On the FNL spoiler

front, Landry and Tyra’s looming reunion gets sealed with a sorta-kiss

in tonight’s episode. And looking ahead to the finale, a beloved

character whose name begins with E or T and is cited somewhere in this

answer will be fired from his/her high profile job.

Question: Please tell us anything you know about Lauren Graham’s

as-of-yet untitled comedy on ABC. Will it really happen? — Michelle

Ausiello: Provided Warner Bros. and/or Jenny Bicks don’t claim the

concept infringes on the intellectual property that is the late, great Men in Trees,

yes, I believe it will happen. We may have to wait a while though. As you

know, Lauren is headed to Broadway this February in a revival of Guys

& Dolls, so the earliest this thing could get on the air — and I’m

just guessing here — is next January. But, hey, LG’s worth the wait!

Question: Any news on a possible return of Amy Ryan to The Office? — Amy

Ausiello: As luck would have it, my colleague, Adam Vary, just asked

Ryan that exact question. Here’s her response: “We don’t have plans for

it, but, you know, there were niceties exchanged about wanting to. And

then I don’t know what one would write for that, because they belong

together, but there has to be conflict. Someone’s going to screw it up,

I suppose.”

Question: A bunch of us House fans are debating whose bathroom House is

in when he takes a bath in the Jan. 19 episode. Based on the promo Fox

aired at the end of last week’s episode, I think it Cuddy’s bathroom.

Others, however, think it’s either Wilson’s or House’s. Who’s right? —


Ausiello: The “Others” win! The bathroom is most definitely House’s. In related news, I worry about you and your friends, Erin.

Question: Will Cuddy’s happiness with the baby last, or is there more heartbreak looming? — Naomi

Ausiello: Things will get worse before they get better. Let’s just say

Cuddy’s maternal instincts don’t kick in immediately, and it freaks her

out a little.

Question: Do you have any scoop on the upcoming season of Scrubs? — Rachel

Ausiello: In only her second episode as the new hospital chief,

Courteney Cox does the unthinkable: She fires Janitor! And wait until

you see the dude she replaces him with.

Question: What happened to Ausiello TV? Did the economic slowdown hit your budget? — Mark

Ausiello: We had to take a little break to sort through some, ahem,

issues with our on air talent. Said issues will be painfully obvious

when the next new episode premieres, either later this week or early next.

Question: Could you please give us some scoop on Numbers? — Lauren

Ausiello: Yes, but only because you asked nicely. John Glover will

reprise his role as psychic Samuel Kraft in episode 13 when mysterious

deaths among Chinese immigrant women lead the FBI into a spooky web of

conspiracy. And you’ll never believe who penned the episode. No, not

Chad Michael Murray…Peter MacNicol!

Question: Damages is starting in a few weeks. Got any scoop? — Dart

Ausiello: A shocking, stalkerish link between two characters will be exposed early into season 2. Guesses? Proceed to the comments!

Question: The Big Bang Theory is my new obsession. What can you tell us? — Irrel

Ausiello: Two things: The ratings are going through the roof. And this

guy is guest starring as a possible nemesis to Sheldon early in ’09.

Question: I need some scoop on True Blood! Dish it, please. — Katie

Question: What can you tell me about the upcoming Smallville episode,

“Hex”? I hear that by some magic spell Chloe turns into Lois, which has

further inflamed the rivalry between Chloe fans and Lois fans. — Trisha

Ausiello: Well, if that inflamed it, then this little spoiler is going to,

um, er,… drive it one notch above inflamed. In one scene from the ep,

Clark stares lovingly into Chloe’s eyes, but only because he thinks

it’s Lois. It’s at that moment that Chloe learns how hard Clark has

fallen for Lois. Um, awkward!

OK, that’s a wrap! I leave you this week with some good news and some

bad news. First, the bad: Ask Ausiello is taking the next two

Wednesdays off on account of Santa Claus. Now the good: Ausiello Files

is staying open for business throughout the holiday season! Woo-hoo!

C’mon, it’s going to take a lot more than the perfect storm of

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Three Kings

Day, and Festivus to shut a massive operation like this down.*

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell, Lindsay Soll, Jennifer Armstrong,

and Andy Patrick)

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