By Joshua Rich
Updated December 16, 2008 at 10:34 PM EST

The all-time roster of bad box office performers is much longer than that of blockbusters, so we rarely have the opportunity to see a movie break a negative financial record. This past weekend, however, offered such a sad instance, when the animated flick Delgo garnered honors as the worst wide opener in box office history. How bad did it do? Well, the film opened in 2,160 theaters and grossed just $511,920, for a per-venue average of $237. Yikes! That’s by far the worst debut ever, besting (er, worsting) the $2.1 mil that P2 grossed in 2,131 locations last year.

Shocking as it is, none of this really surprises me, because, well, I hadn’t even heard of Delgo until I sat down to write this blog post! Of course, I’ve been on vacation for a while, so that’s my excuse. But what about you? Had you heard of this movie? Were you one of the, uh, 75,000-or-so people who actually went to see it? What do you think happened here?