By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated August 04, 2020 at 02:55 PM EDT

No one ever accused Axl Rose of thinking too small. So why wouldn’t he decide to post an exhaustive summation of his thoughts about the past, current, and future incarnations of Guns N’ Roses on a GNR fan website after years of near-silence on the topic? Axl actually spent much of this past weekend exchanging sometimes hostile messages with the regulars at, but the lengthy exegesis he revealed on Sunday exists on a whole new plane. It’s the Chinese Democracy to those earlier posts’ Appetite for Destruction, if you will.

Now, I consider myself a fan of Axl’s recent work as well as his classic years. I really enjoy at least half the songs on Chinese Democracy (“Catcher in the Rye,” people!), and I don’t give a damn who knows.But reading to the end of this manifesto, which tips the scales at 4,545 words, was a challenge. Excerpting it almost seems pointless; if you’re interested in Axl’s mindstate, you should probably just click over to his post in all its glory. That said, the major takeaways I got were: 1) Axl still feels pretty bitter toward Slash, 2) Whoever is responsible for keeping track of Axl’s legal paperwork deserves a raise, and 3) Aside from all that, he seems like a fairly reasonable guy who values his fans as well as his (current) bandmates. But that’s just my feeble attempt at summarizing this word swamp. Did anybody who was brave enough to finish reading Axl’s musings see it differently?

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