By Michael Slezak
Updated August 04, 2020 at 02:53 PM EDT
Credit: Chris Jason/National Photo Group

Michael Jackson debuted a new and deeply (insert own adjective here) look over the weekend, complete with powder blue tunic, black headscarf and hat, and Zorro-style mask. Said fashion choices inspired me to pen a little comeback ditty for the erstwhile King of Pop, set to the tune of his 1987 hit “Bad.” (Embedded YouTube clip after the jump, if you want a little musical accompaniment.)

This face ain’t mine
That much I know
I’m most perplexed
Can’t find my nose

I’m freaking out
A little bit
Got a baby boy
His name’s Blanket

Come On, Come On
Paparazzi, tonight…

My goal is to
Look extra slick
Gonna rock a hat
And blue tunic

A long black shawl
Completes the look
Just one more thing
Makes it off the hook

Well you know Coco Chanel said
Take off one accessory
But Chanel’s no Michael Jackson
So just take a look at me

I’ll add a mask, a mask
Come on
(Mask, mask…Zorro-style mask)
A jaunty mask, a mask
You know it
(Mask, mask…Zorro-style mask)
A sleek black mask, a mask
Come on, you know
(Mask, mask…Zorro-style mask)
And the whole world gasps and clutches their pearls
‘Cause they see me in a mask…
A mask!

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