Will Keanu Reeves' 'Day the Earth Stood Still' join 'The Matrix' as one of the best sci-fi movies and TV shows of recent memory?
V | Monster story. UFO extravaganza. Modern-day allegory of the Holocaust. Such is the miniseries V (and its 1984 sequel, V: The Final Battle ), which tracked…
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25. V: THE MINISERIES (1983)
Created by Kenneth Johnson

Giant fascist lizards from outer space — it sounds like something you’d see on Mystery Science Theater 3000. But this parable of tolerance is far more complex and frightening than it seems. While the ”Visitors” say they ”come in peace,” they really want to drain Earth’s water supply. Just in case you still don’t get the point, their insignia looks suspiciously like a swastika.

POP CULTURE LEGACY Besides spawning an equally engaging sequel — 1984’s V: The Final BattleV gave Robert Englund (a.k.a. Freddy Krueger) his big break.

THE BEST BIT In one of the best TV reveals ever, lizard queen Diana (Jane Badler) — still disguised as a sultry brunet human — unhinges her jaw and stuffs an entire guinea pig in her hideously elongated piehole. —Kristen Baldwin