By Marc Bernardin
December 12, 2008 at 10:44 PM EST
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Have you been jonesing for new Battlestar Galactica as fiendishly as I have? Have you been counting the days until the Season 4.5 premiere? (I would be if I could do that kind of math…remember, I’m an entertainment journalist.) Well the good folks at are offering up an appetizer before the main course: Face of the Enemy, a series of 10 webisodes running twice a week from now until Jan. 16. And judging by the first two—in which we find morpha junkie Felix Gaeta trapped in a raptor with two pilots, a construction dude, and two Boomers—they’re what you want Galactica to be: taut, tense, and dirty.

But there is revelation I didn’t quite see coming. SPOILER AHEAD after the jump.

Gaeta is gay? Huh. I’m not entirely sure it was necessary to drop that bit of information. Aside from Apollo, Starbuck, and Baltar, everyone on that show feels kind of asexual—each character is defined, by and large, by the crisis on the horizon and how they deal with it—and revealing Felix’s homosexuality doesn’t seem to add anything to the story at hand. But it does shed new light on his relationship with Baltar: It’s easy to be drawn to a man with Gaius’ charisma, and Felix followed him around like a puppy. They were like an interstellar Smithers and Mr. Burns…at least until President Baltar all but sentenced humanity to Cylon extinction while wallowing in cheap pills and easy women. That sort of behavior will squash a crush, tout de suite.

Ah, but I digress. You should go watch. They’re really good. Short, but good.

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