Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Meryl Streep, ''Twilight,'' and more

By EW Staff
December 12, 2008 at 05:00 AM EST

Feedback from our readers

All Hail the Queen
I can’t remember the last time EW made me squeal, and then there was Meryl (”She’s the One”). She is as engaging in an interview (even while sick with food poisoning!) as she is an actress. As a near-40-year-old woman, I can honestly say there is no one else with whom I’d rather spend a few hours in a dark theater. Take that, leading men!
Mendy Hays
Oklahoma City

Girl Power
I’ve got news for Clark Collis: Not all women dig Twilight (”Twilight: A Hater’s Guide”). There are plenty of chicks out there, like me, who know that underneath its faux-gothic-romance sheen, Twilight is little more than a teen abstinence propaganda flick. We also like our heroines to have less simper and more personality.
Jenna Scherer
Allston, Mass.

Chunnel Vision
According to ”Hot Young Stars Make for Very Awkward Talk Shows” (News & Notes), David Letterman made fun of Kristen Stewart for saying she may drive to Russia from London, and then Ken Tucker states she needs to learn her geography. Maybe Tucker and Letterman need to learn their technology. The Eurotunnel takes cars through the Chunnel (that connects England and France). So, you can drive from London to Russia.
Wendy Britt
Casa Grande, Ariz.

Editor-at-large Ken Tucker responds: I concede I didn’t think of the Chunnel, but I like the company I keep: Letterman didn’t either. And in my (our?) defense, the point of Dave’s joke was that Berlin (Stewart’s second starting point) is a shorter distance to Russia. Finally, if Stewart actually drives from London to Russia via the Chunnel, I’ll, oh, eat a $5 bill — how ’bout that?

Kiss and Tell
The ”Acting Out” sidebar (”Unlikely Hero”) missed a gay role that also produced an Oscar for the actor: William Hurt in 1985’s Kiss of the Spider Woman.
Bill Cushing
Glendale, Calif.

Buy the Book
Your new Books series about authors’ workspaces referred to the outline for the final volume of Robert Caro’s masterful LBJ biography, but it failed to provide the reader with any idea when it will be published. Is there a projected release date?
Mike Hughes
Ellicott City, Md.

Editor Tina Jordan responds: Caro — a stickler for painstaking research — hasn’t let longtime publisher Knopf know when it might see a manuscript. ”We don’t ask that. It will take however long it takes,” says his editor Kathy Hourigan. In other words, don’t look for it anytime soon.

Rock of Ages
Where’s Def Leppard’s Hysteria in ”Chart Hog All-Stars” (News & Notes)? It spawned seven top 100 songs. The album represented the pop-metal crossover at its peak, and still impresses more than 20 years later.
Jason Smith
Everett, Mass.

In a sidebar on page 35, we mistakenly ran a headshot of Sally Hawkins instead of Kristin Scott Thomas (”Off to the Races”).

EW.COM: Holiday Songs You Hate The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, right? For some readers of our PopWatch blog, there are a few festive jingles that have them crying BAH HUMBUG!

Wonderful Christmastime, Paul McCartney
”The song doesn’t sound Chrismas-y and is as fake as a plastic Santa. I turn it off every time it comes on the radio.” —Ken

The Chipmunk Song, Alvin & the Chipmunks
”At the Hula Hoop line, I usually scream in frustration and storm out of whatever room it’s playing in.” —Mary

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey
”She sounds like she can’t get a breath in, and the CD was released [a year] before they divorced: awwwkwaard.” —Ann

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town, Bruce Springsteen
”Doesn’t he have at least one honest friend that will tell him he sounds like a sick, chain-smoking dog?” —Chris

The Christmas Song, Christina Aguilera
”The best part is the line ‘I’m offering this simple phrase’ into which she manages to squeeze about 74 notes.” —griffin