You know how much you guys have been hounding me for scoop on the NCIS spin-off ever since I broke the story that there was going to be one? Well, that’s almost as much as I’ve been hounding my moles. And since the start of shooting on the pilot is just around the corner (late February), all of our hounding is finally paying off. Please allow me to introduce the proposed series’ main characters:

Callen is an average Joe in his 30s… or so he’d have you believe. In reality, he’s a human Transformer who can change personas as easily as you or I change clothes.

Clara Macy is a tough former MP in her early 40s whose tender side shows in the way she plays mother hen to her colleagues.

Nate “Doc” Getz, 30, is an operational psychologist who, underneath his razor-sharp wit, is as soft-hearted as they come.

Kensi Lo is a twentysomething Asian-American whose academic record in forensics and criminology got her recruited young by the Feds.

Sam Hanna, an African American (or Middle Eastern — depends on the actor) ex-Navy SEAL, is in his 40s and the team’s only married member. So, between that and his stints in Afghanistan and Iraq, you just KNOW he can handle himself in combat.

Dominic Vaile is a thirtysomething surveillance expert who’s still experiencing separation anxiety in the wake of his exit from the Navy.

So, all you armchair casting directors, who would you put in these roles? I’ll get you started. For Callen — what sounds like the part of a lifetime — I’m feeling the soon-to-be-unemployed Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies). Your turn. Have at it. (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)

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