By Marc Bernardin
Updated December 12, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Ever watch a movie and think to yourself, “Man, that’s a nice life this character’s living. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that”? It used to manifest itself in real-estate envy — I always wanted Connor MacLeod’s sprawling SoHo loft (complete with mini-weapons museum) from 1984’s Highlander. But I was watching Pierce Brosnan’s The Thomas Crown Affair over the weekend and found myself saying, “Hey, that Thomas Crown’s got it made. Super-rich, with disposable catamarans and Caribbean pleasure compounds and private jets and Manhattan mansions — complete with a manservant — plus he gets to frolic with Rene Russo. And, to top it off, THE DUDE IS A MASTER THIEF. How cool is that?”

What character has a life that you’d like to slip into, even for just a little while?

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