By Mike Bruno
December 10, 2008 at 05:59 PM EST

Last month, we asked you to give us your nominees for 2008’s best and worstmovies, TV shows, albums (and singles), books, and style. We pored overyour hundreds and hundreds of comments, and came up with some questionsthat’ll help us as we put the finishing touches on EntertainmentWeekly’s annual Best & Worst issue. Below are four music-relatedpolls: Vote early and enthusiastically, then check back for the resultsin the pages of EW and right here at on Dec. 19. Thanks!

1. Who had the best album of the year?


2. Which movie soundtrack did you listen to the most?


3. Who were you most excited to see make a comeback?


4. Which of Rihanna’s ridiculous number of hit singles was the best?