By Marc Bernardin
Updated December 10, 2008 at 09:31 PM EST

I will say, with all honesty, that I was rather chagrined when I heard the McG was directing Terminator: Salvation, the fourth installment of this venerable series. Given that he’s following James Cameron (probably the best action director of the last 25 years) and Jonathan Mostow (who, after Breakdown and U-571, knows his way around a finely crafted thriller), the dude who directed Charlie’s Angels seemed like a bit of a letdown. But after seeing this…

…I may have to revise my opinion. It’s an early teaser, so it doesn’t give away too much of the plot, but what’s there is promising. Christian Bale screaming from the gut as John Connor, the child of destiny who’ll eventually lead humanity from the brink of robot-mandate extinction. Tank treads crushing skulls, an homage to one of the iconic images from the first Terminator. New models: the motorcycle-bots were cool, and that giant behemoth at the end was pretty awesome — even if it did remind me, and not in a good way, of Michael Bay’s Transformers.

But I’m in. (Though, I was “in” the minute Christian Bale signed on. And the minute they said they were making another Terminator flick. I’m a geek. Sue me.) What about you? Is this the extention of the Terminator franchise you were hoping for, or are you perfectly satisfied with the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show?