By Whitney Pastorek
December 10, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Here’s where I should probably say something like “break out the flannel!” but I never put it away. So join me, fellow grunge lifers, in celebrating today’s announcement that Pearl Jam is giving Ten the royal reissue treatment, releasing four different versions in varying degrees of complexity on March 24, 2009. This is a no-brainer purchase, as far as I’m concerned; the only question is, just how big of a fan am I? There’s a vinyl version, which I can’t buy cause I gots no record player. There’s the “Legacy Edition,” which gets me the remastered record, producer Brendan O’Brien’s remix of the original tracks, and some bonus songs. There’s the “Deluxe Edition,” which throws in a DVD of the band’s MTV Unplugged show. Or there’s the “Super Deluxe Edition,” featuring a head-popping number of goodies including a replica of an old PJ demo cassette and one of Ed’s ever-present composition notebooks.

When I got my first CD player, Ten was the first disc I bought. I believe I purchased it from the Columbia House Record and Tape Company, before they figured out I had like seven accounts under a number of pseudonyms and shut my little scam down. I still have that CD. I need a new copy. This could not be better timed. And yeah, I’m not even ashamed to admit the “Super Deluxe Edition” is the one I want.

Check out the full details here as you join me and editor Mike Bruno in reliving our teenage years with some tunes. We wanted to embed the video for “Even Flow,” but it’s been disabled upon request; instead, please enjoy this live performance from 1991. Especially the hats. Let’s all take a minute to enjoy those hats.