By Abby West
December 10, 2008 at 05:02 PM EST

I was totally stoked to see that two years after the quirky Showtime series ended, Dead Like Me will be back with a straight-to-DVD movie on Feb. 17 that features most of the stars: Ellen Muth, Cynthia Stevenson, Jasmine Guy, and Calum Blue. The one name glaringly missing from the Dead Like Me: Life After Death roster is Mandy Patinkin’s Rube, the leader of that motley crew of soul-catching undeads. I was a little worried about the loss of Patinkin’s dry-as-a-bone deadpan humor. It seemed like that quality was so essential for the others to play off of, but it is promising to see that Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick will play the new, less-upstanding, boss, which should add a new dynamic. (And to get  your Rube fix, the nine-disc Complete Collection: Soul Collectors’ series DVD will go on sale the same day.) Take a look at the latest trailer and tell me if you’re excited, too, or if you think it should have stayed buried.