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John Patrick Shanley once joked that he was doomed to an obituary proclaiming him ”the guy who wrote Moonstruck.” But that was before he created the 2004 stage show Doubt, a Tony-?winning drama set in a Bronx Catholic school ?in 1964. The story centers on Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), a principal who accuses a parish priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) of sexually abusing a 12-year-?old boy — the school’s only black student. ? Theater audiences around the world have debated whether Sr. Aloysius is right to push for the ? priest’s removal, despite a lack of conclusive evidence. (Sex-scandal refugee Roman Polanski ? directed a 2006 Paris run of the show.)

So why didn’t Shanley hire Tony winner Cherry Jones (Ocean’s Twelve) and Brían F. O’Byrne (No Reservations) from the Broadway cast? ”There was a real possibility of a retread feeling,” he says. ”I wanted a fresh take.” He might also have wanted A-list names in his first film-directing effort since 1990’s Joe Versus the Volcano. He says going after Streep was ”a no-brainer,” and she found him a welcome partner because he knew the material so thoroughly going in. Shanley chose pal Hoffman — who’d starred in a Chekhov play with Streep — because ”I never know what the hell he’s going to do. He’s the one guy that could make Meryl sweat.”

  • Still, it’s unclear who wound up perspiring. Shanley reports that Streep, while prepping a key confrontation scene, would mutter things like ”I’m gonna kick his a–” — and Hoffman wouldn’t answer. Asked about her psych-out ? attempts, Streep dodges. ”We have to maintain a certain mystery,” she says.
  • OUR TWO CENTS ?Advance buzz says that Davis, as the boy’s mother, seems like a can’t-miss Supporting Actress candidate, while Streep looks ineluctably headed toward Oscar nom No. 15. 12/12
  • DEEP DIVE What does Streep know that you don’t about Saint Elizabeth Seton, founder of the bonnett-and-cape-wearing Sisters of Charity? Find out at
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