By Tanner Stransky
December 05, 2008 at 10:21 PM EST
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I’m happy to report that for the first time in quite a while, Christina enjoyed a quip-filled episode on Ugly Betty. Move over, sound bite bullies Willy and Marc! Christina’s Scottish accent was in hilarious effect this week. See: The Mode fashion closet mistress and carrier of Willy’s test-tube devil spawn calling the clinking of ice cubes “a Scottish lullaby.” Good stuff!

As usual, I’ve rounded up the best bites from last night’s Ugly Betty. You can catch the full list after the jump, but first watch the video with my four faves below, and then vote for your fave in the poll that follows. Don’t see your pick on the list? Did I miss an essential bite? Wanna just chat Betty storylines a bit? Leave all that jazz in the comments section, please!

“And Betty, do not worry. I’m gonna catch up on my sleep at work. Per usue!” —Amanda (Becki Newton), after spending a night out on the town

“Oh, there he goes again. Little buggar’s a bloody acrobat.” —Christina (Ashley Jensen), on Wilhelmina’s spawn growing inside of her

“Really, I hadn’t noticed… No, I honestly never noticed.” —Willy (Vanessa Williams), after Betty (America Fererra) mentions how expensive it is to live in Manhattan

“Okay, let’s grip it and rip it.” —Amanda, before going out with Betty to spend $10,000 of other people’s money

“That was only once, and it wasn’t a public place, Mom…. Until they moved the truck.” —Daniel (Eric Mabius), after she accuses him of having a penchant for sex in public places

“Well, you can watch. I’ll drink for all three of us, c’mon.” —Willy, after asking a very pregnant Christina to get a drink with her

“Remember rule No. 2? Real Mode readers. Is it fair that only Ivanka Trump gets to wear dresses like this? No! Shouldn’t frumpy girls from Queens get to feel glamorous, too. Isn’t that what this article is all about?” —Amanda, after Betty chides her for wanting to buy a dress and return it the next day

“Every week, the Village Voice lists all the gallery openings in Chelsea. I always pick the ones with the ugliest art. They have the best food. They figure the drunker you are the more likely you are to actually buy all this crap.” —Amanda, on her strategy for scoring good, free food at gallery openings

“Are you hungry? Because I just spotted dinner.” —Amanda, to Betty before pouncing on two cute guys

“Ohh, the sound of clinking ice cubes. It’s like a Scottish lullaby.” —Christina, longing for booze

“Here’s to the bundle of…what’s the expression? Joy.” —Wilhelmina, toasting to her sure-to-be-evil spawn that’s growing inside Christina

“Oh cut the crap, Wilhelmina. You haven’t even given a second thought to raising this baby, other than its stake in the Meade empire. Oh, I don’t know, look at this place! It’s not even been baby-proofed. Dead baby! Dead baby! Dead baby!” —Christina, pointing out the problems with Willy raising her baby in her totally un-baby-proofed apartment

“Oh, she’s in disguise. It helps us keep a low profile.” —Amanda, after the waitress at a fancy NYC restaurant questions whether frumpy Betty actually works at Mode

“Nothin’ wrong with Angus. I had a lovely tussle in the hay with an Angus once.” —Christina, after Willy suggests the name Angus as a potential baby name

“No, stop it, freeze. You see the way Daniel is looking at her? The way Betty looks at a cheeseburger.” —Wilhelmina, on the romance brewing between Daniel and his new love interest

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