By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 20, 2019 at 04:26 AM EST
Credit: Michael Muller

Name five things in Hollywood you’d like to steal. That’s the assignment we gave Christian Kane (Angel) and Gina Bellman (the British Coupling), costars of TNT’s new caper series, Leverage (premieres Dec. 7 at 10 p.m.; read Ken Tucker’s review here). On the show, they play for the same team: a group of grifters, hackers, and thieves commanded by Oscar winner Timothy Hutton. But in the land of the PopWatch Duel, it’s every actor for him/herself. What’s the plan? We’ve nabbed their responses. You decide whose list is better by casting a vote in the comments section. They try to tell themselves that they don’t care who wins.

It’s on, after the jump.

Christian Kane would steal:

1. Eddie Van Halen’s Guitar Because I had a replica when I was 13 years old, and it would be nice to steal the magic from the real thing.

2. The LLY in the Hollywood sign This may take a second for some of you to get, however, the ones that applies to probably never will.

3. Reality TV Steal it and replace it with good old scripted TV so that we can bring jobs back to the industry and quit bleeding Hollywood of its glitter.

4. Dean Devlin’s Tesla and a soft drink from his frig The first part because I can’t afford a Tesla, and the second part Dean will get. [Devlin, who cowrote and produced the film Independence Day, exec produces Leverage.]

5. Paul Newman’s star Because he’s my hero and enough said.

Gina Bellman would steal:

1. All the Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy nominations I’d nominate all my friends and colleagues. I’d get talked up in all of the speeches and it would be one hell of a party.

2. The giant billboard of the Marlboro Man that used to hang on Sunset Boulevard in the ’80s and ’90s I’d have it installed outside my bedroom window in London. When I first visited LA, I was struck by how cool that image was. It represented real Americana for me… Plus, he was hot!

3. Charlize Theron’s closet I love her style and grace, plus she always looks as if she’s having a blast. She wears her clothes, not the other way around. I covet her evening gowns. Are we the same size?

4. The keys to the Getty Museum I’d throw a huge candlelit party in the gardens overlooking LA. It would be fun to wander around all the artworks, and maybe snag one or two pieces for myself.

5. Frank Gehry’s amazing building on Main Street, Venice. It’s shaped like a giant pair of black binoculars and really makes me laugh. I’d set it up next to Parliament on the banks of the River Thames back home. After all, you guys did buy England’s Tower Bridge and ship it to the States.

Vote now! Who won the Duel? Christian Kane or Gina Bellman?

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