December 05, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

Don’t worry, it’s not Dawn Dembo or her lover Cindi. Quit clutching your pearls, I know you were terrified. After the jump, the unlucky lady who gets to start off The L Word‘s sixth and final season face-down in a swimming pool…


You can watch the first two minutes of the season 6 premiere at Showtime’s website. (Hot cop! New character!) Jenny’s dead, BUT! Mia Kirschner will be present throughout the season via flashbacks. Buzzkill?

Many EW staffers seem psyched that sinister, mangy weep puppy Jenny will get what’s been comin’ to her, probably since that time she thought she could be a waitress for like a day in season 2. (She was an even worse waitress than I was, and I once spilled a Diet Coke on a baby.) Does anyone else appreciate Jenny? I mean, I’d never want to go anywhere near her, but I’m glad she’s a TV character because she’s such a laughable mess and has huge green eyes. Your loyal PopWatch recapper Nicholas Fonseca and I think they should have killed Kit instead. What about you?

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