By Jeff Probst
Updated December 05, 2008 at 05:15 PM EST
Credit: Jeffrey R. Staab

Ah, yes. You knew it was coming. There had to be a reaction, the only question was how big would it be? Sugar’s spastic fit of laugher at the last tribal council did not go unnoticed by her fellow Survivors. The typically calm and quiet Bob would stay silenced no more! Cue the organ! Cue the lightning! The Wrath Of Bob hath doest rained down upon Sugar with a ferocity not seen since Sue Hawk’s infamous speech about snakes and rats. It was strong. It was clear. It made Sugar cry. I know. Big surprise.

Fortunately, love came to save the day. Here’s my take on the loved ones episode. You either love these episodes or you have no heart. There’s no middle ground. I don’t care if you’re a guy or a chick, young or old. You either have a spot inside you that gets touched when you see love or…well…you’re Dexter Morgan. Anyone? Anyone? It’s my new favorite show. Sorry, Mary Louise Parker. You never called back. I’m moving on.

I love the loved ones episodes and this was a very good one. Mattyproposes to his girlfriend and Sugar says goodbye to her father. Comeon. Tell me you weren’t at least a little moved. Yes, we know, Dexter,you don’t feel. You’re excluded. But everybody else, how can you not bemoved by those two very different but equally touching forms of love.

Now you understand why my nickname on location is “Jeff loves love.”

Okay, onto the strategy part of the game….Muy importante that Bobwins immunity, otherwise he is done. Gone. History. There is no hidingthat Bob is a threat in the game, but the dude won’t lose. Can’t lose.Even something like tossing a ball 50 feet down a cliff he wins. Couldthis be his destiny? Or am I just playing with ya?

While we’re at it, nobody and I mean nobody, is paying attention toSusie. Even I forget to talk about her. Is that by design? Am I tryingto fool you? Susie is in this to win it and she is in a fantasticposition at this point because she is out of the line of fire. Kennyand Crystal are gunning for Matty. Sugar hates Corinne. Bob is aphysical and social threat. And that leaves Susie just hanging out bythe fire talking about who knows what and avoiding the vote. Nicelydone, Susie.

Kenny the master manipulator is at it again. Spreading lies and makingup stories like any good potential Survivor winner must do! BravoKenny. You are really playing this game and I love it. Side note: WhenI first met Kenny in casting I told him he could not win this game. YesI am ready to admit I was wrong if he does. I will say it loud and Iwill say it at the live finale. I’m not proud. I also told Marcus hecouldn’t win and he’s still mad at me about it. Marcus, look you’re toomuch of a threat. Harvard, Bachelor of the year, you’re a physician.Ain’t gonna happen my friend. Deal with it already. Okay, so maybe whathe’s really mad about is that I did call him arrogant. Fair enough. Addanother person who will not want to have anything to do with me at thelive show. But come on Marcus, I’m a reality show host, you’re afriggin’ bachelor of the year doctor. I’m entitled to a bit of envy.Just let me have it, won’t you?

Finally – another fake immunity idol almost made its way into the game!Bob really is some kind of mad scientist out there. If he were reallygood, he’d make Corinne disappear. Oh wait, he did! Remember that scenein ghost when the guy dies and all those black scary looking bat typethings float out of his body? I swear that happened as I snuffedCorinne’s torch. Check the tape.

Next week on…Survivor. A new agreement could completely change the game….if only you could trust these people to keep their word.

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