By Tim Stack
Updated August 04, 2020 at 10:51 AM EDT

It’s been hard to focus on anything but Britney Spears’ “comeback” this week with the release of her new album, Circus. From the absorbing MTV documentary Britney: For the Record to her kinda underwhelming Good Morning America performances, it feels like Brit’s been EVERYWHERE. Well, now she’s released the video for the title track “Circus” and, I’m pleased to report, it feels like our old gal. She’s scantily dressed. She shows her navel. She even does a chair dance, perhaps a little homage to “Stronger,” one of my fave videos. And there’s an elephant (could it be the same one from her VMA commercials with Russell Brand?)! Best of all, she actually looks animated in this video and appears to be having fun. That’s something that’s been sorely lacking in her more recent live performances. Check out her laugh at the end of the video for proof, then tell us what you think of the “Circus” clip.

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