By Abby West
Updated July 30, 2020 at 01:33 PM EDT

I’m always looking for heartwarming television to counteract the vaguely evil stuff I secretly delight in watching, so it was no surprise that I wanted to catch Secret Millionaire on Fox last night. Thanks to my nutty family life, I only saw part of one episode and didn’t record the other. But I liked what I did see of the richie-riches being moved by their birds-eye view of the post-Katrina devastation (despite the fact that I wasn’t sure how they explained the camera crew following them), and I plan on recording the rest of the episodes (12/10-11 and 12/17-18).

I later found out that the cameras thing was addressed on-air — some crews were in town days before the millionaires arrived and said theywere filming a documentary on the area. And one weepy colleague of mine, who shall remain nameless, summed up just why I (and hopefully most of last night’s 7.4 million viewers) am willing to give it a chance. Despite a laundry list of reasons to reject the entire production (the clear manipulation, the fact that there was a clear self-promotion aspect on the millionaires’ part to go on air with this, and the idea that Fox is trying to get good karma after years of sociological hate crimes like The Swan and The Littlest Groom) it was really nice to see people doing good things.

What did you guys think? Will you be watching the last four episodes?