Tarzan is getting another makeover. The action-adventure icon will trash his loincloth and throw on a pair of khakis for the next big screen take on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic character, who first appeared way back in the Stone Age — er, 1912. Director Stephen Sommers (The Mummy) and screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Australia) are ditching the boy-raised-by-apes origin story for a 1930’s-set romp with a hefty helping of romance: Think Pirates of the Caribbean with buffed-and-tanned actors flying through the jungle and sprinting up trees, parkour-style. In recent years, the lord of the jungle has been reincarnated as a Broadway headliner, an animated Disney hero, and even a prime-time TV star — in 2003 the WB produced a modern-day take starring Calvin Klein model (and first-time actor) Travis Fimmel that flopped. This version seems like a safer bet, especially considering Beattie penned one of the earliest drafts of Pirates, which became a worldwide blockbuster.