By Mandi Bierly
Updated December 03, 2008 at 10:11 PM EST

Yes, we’re all eagerly awaiting the return of Dr. John Carter, but before Noah Wyle checks in for ER‘s final four episodes (read what he has to say about that after the jump), he’s resurrecting another of his favorite characters: Flynn Carsen, the Indiana Jones-lite at the center of TNT’s Librarian franchise.

In the third made-for-cable caper, The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (premieres Dec. 7., 8 p.m.), overworked and unlucky-in-love Flynn travels to New Orleans for vacation, but ends up having to stop big bads who want to find and use the chalice to resurrect Prince Vlad Dracul and raise an army of vampires. (He must also make time to mack on the sexy chanteuse, played by Feast of Love‘s Stana Katic, who guards the cup. That, he does not mind.) Though the movie’s original tagline — “The world’s most unlikely hero is back for his final adventure” — was enough to break my colleague Alynda Wheat’s heart, Wyle assures us that Flynn will live to outwit, outsmart, and outspit-take another day, if fans want him to. “When I read that tagline, I was as surprised as everybody else,” Wyle says. “And when I made my queries about it, I was told that this is a way of generating viewership and certainly not indicative of anybody wanting to see the franchise come to a close. In some fashion, whether on TNT or not — maybe on the big screen, maybe on a different channel — we’ll make more of these, assuming that the audience is there for this one. I think that will be the deciding factor across the board.”

Should The Librarian franchise continue? I vote yes for two reasons: (1) It’ll give us another flimsy excuse to trot out our random 18 Wild Trips to the Library Stacks gallery. And (2) It’ll force me, a masochist, to relive this exchange…

EW: So in addition to being about an unlikely hero, these films are about an unlikely sex symbol. Who are some of your favorite unlikely sex symbols?
Wyle: [Laughs] It’s the word unlikely that I’m having trouble with. I think you either are a sex symbol or you’re not. Right?
Well, yeah. But, for instance, one wouldn’t necessarily think of a librarian as being sexy, however… you know… [Silence]
Wyle: Go ahead, finish your sentence. [Laughs]
EW: You’re like, “Say it! Say I’m hot! Say it!” Fine. I said it.
Wyle: Your words. Your words.

After the jump, ER comes full circle, and a trailer for the latest Librarian installment…

addCredit(“Erik Heinila”)

As for his return to ER, Wyle has a rough idea of what’s in store for Carter. “Given that the pilot wasthe character’s first day on the job, there’s a nice sense of closureto having him come back in as the established authority and takeownership over the ER in some fashion. I assume that’s still in[executive producer John Wells’] thinking,” he says. “The nicething about what John’s doing this year is he’s not relying on an easydevice to bring old characters back — like a funeral for a compatriot, orwe all hear that the hospital is closing so we all go and chainourselves to the front door or something silly like that. In the waythat he used Anthony [Edwards], it’s sort of a seamless and completely naturalway of bringing these characters back that keeps with the narrativethat they were involved with when they were with the show. I thinkthat is a lot more satisfying than sort of having a big finale. I think 19really well-executed episodes written to a focused end pointwill be the best way of sending the show off the air.”

Wyle admits he hasn’t been afaithful viewer since he stopped being a series regular. “I watched maybe the first two episodesafter I left, and then, I described it as watching somebody else raisemy kids,” he says, with a laugh. “I’m always a little too close to it, and tooemotionallyinvested in it. But it’s an odd thing: Even if you’re not on the showanymore, you’re still accountable to it. You still are answerable toit. And so, having it still be out there in the national consciousnessand not being a contributing factor is difficult. So I really amlooking forward to going back and having a hand in writing the lastchapter in what’s been the most defining job in my life.”