By Annie Barrett
December 03, 2008 at 12:00 PM EST

One of my favorite laughably awful aspects of Oxygen’s mean-girls-in-a-house series The Bad Girls Club is the completely shameless orchestration of two-percent-baked “plots.” During the day, there are no bars or clubs for the bitch brigade to get thrown out of, so much of last night’s season 3 premiere focused on the conflict and “caulk”-friendly resolution of Amber #2’s producer-encouraged “decision” to smash a window. She had to — otherwise, why would a “hot guy” ever come within a moat’s length of that house?

Does anyone else tune in to Bad Girls as a joke and would like me to Watch It So You Don’t Have To more regularly? I refuse to write more than a paragraph, but the video element could be brilliant. Holla back, bitches, or I will 1-800-BUST-YO-ASS.